Take Vital Factors to make big gains. Amin acids help support muscle tissue growth with anabolic activity and no HGH. Using HGH releasers give you greater results from your workouts and help build muscle. No HGH is used in Vital Factors. Build huge muscle mass with Vital Factors amino acid complex. It Started as an Age-Defier and Turned into a Body-Building Phenomenon! The bodybuilding equipment you need. Bodybuilders have been using HGH for years. But now they've discovered Vital Factors amino acid formula, which was originally develped as an anti-aging formula. It makes perfect sense - the biochemical technology that targets various problems of aging such as muscle mass, weight control, energy, immunity, and focus also has the same positive effect on people in the bodybuilding arsena! Like good bodybuilding equipment, Vital Factors amino acid stack helps build muscle. What is in Vital Factors that is shaking up the world of nutrition and bodybuilding?

Aminopeptides: The Key to Vital Factors' Muscle-Support and Igniting your vitality...
Aminopeptides are key to Vital Factors' power to re-invigorate you and give you the natural biochemical tools you need to reach a new level of fitness and muscle support. These life-sustaining protein building blocks are linked together in a special sequence to form Aminopeptides, which help cells "talk" to each other. Our entire existence depends on how efficiently cells talk or transmit messages to each other. These signals play a role in our overal health and normal functioning. It's no wonder that people seeking cutting-edge fitness supplements are making Vital Factors an integral part of their workout program. But besides Aminopeptides, Vital Factors is rich in other powerhouse ingredients...

Supports Antioxidant Defenses in Muscle Tissue, Bones, and Most Major Organ Tissues!
Superoxide Dismutase also known as S.O.D., this enzyme is the Superman of Antioxidants, the first line of defense, protecting our cells from free radicals. Left unchecked they damage cells and cause “oxidative aging”, the same process that turns iron to rust. The good news is now, for the first time ever, MDR® Vital Factors® provides S.O.D. enzyme to strengthen your defenses, But that's not all! S.O.D. is great for supporting muscle cells and stamina. Vital Factors S.O.D. comes from a very special Melon Extract...

Super Antioxidant-Rich Melon Discovered - Melons age in a few days. How to extend their shelf life became the mission of a French seed company. They experimented with various natural methods. It took 6 years, and the help of bees and Mother Nature, to create a super fruit that stayed fresh 3 times longer. Scientists discovered its extraordinary health-supportive ability came from very high levels of S.O.D.

Renewed Feeling of Vitality - Men and women who took S.O.D. Melon extract reported feeling better, waking up refreshed, being less irritable, and having more vitality. The Extramel® SOD Melon Extract is just one vital factor in the MDR Formula that makes you feel like a winner!

Resveratrol - Reawaken your youthfulness!
Longevity, being in good physical shape, and keeping excess weight off are keys to good health. That’s why the Medical Doctors research added a very powerful antioxidant derived from a special botanical ingredient to the formula. What’s so fascinating is that this ingredient may play a role in reawakening certain genes involved in keeping us feeling youthful!

Inside our genes are blueprints of common characteristics and tendencies passed from generations. Genetics does play a role in how we age, but 70% of our aging process is determined by our lifestyle choices. New research shows certain nutrients can activate our genes in ways that benefit our health. If we eat right, exercise, live a healthy life-style and take Vital Factors, we can bring out the best of our genes to keep us younger.

Most of us want to eat more, not less, yet the only proven way to extend lifespan is by calorie restriction. Eating less triggers a normally dormant survival gene called SIRTUIN that has been proven to stall aging and its maladies. Convinced that some natural compounds might activate the same gene, scientists tested tens of thousands of compounds and were shocked when they found that an ingredient in red wine, Resveratrol, may possess this property!

Not all Resveratrol is the same.
Many supplement companies are getting Resveratrol from an inexpensive Asian herbal source, Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum Cuspidatum). The FDA has issued a statement concerned about the safety of long term use of this herb. Medical Doctors Research® always chooses the best source of ingredients, so in MDR® Vital Factors® you benefit from the purest source of Resveratrol in the world – Resvida™ Whole Grape Complex. It is responsible for the natural deep color and delicious flavor of the Vital Factors® formula. With Vital Factors® you can feel confident that you are getting the finest Resveratrol to help you live healthier longer!

GREAT GRAPE FLAVOR! Plus Other Ingredients Not Found in Any Other Formula of its Kind!
Just drop a Vital Factors tablet in water, and in seconds it begins to fizz, creating a delicious grape-flavored drink you'll love. But don't let its delicious taste fool you. The water soon becomes a liquid rich in vital nutrients like reenergizing Vitamin B-12 needed to produce amino acids, vital to memory, brain function and protein synthesis. Plus, there’s an extra dose of the entire B complex vital to energy production and healthy metabolism. CoQ10, the vital enzyme required by cells for producing energy, especially for the heart. Arginine, vital for cardiovascular health, and a favorite in male sexual performance formulas. Fucoidan, a natural compound that may help support the immune system. Electrolytes vital for blood pressure and heart function. All combined with Vital Factors exclusive Aminopeptide Complex including L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Lysine, Glycine & Ornithine vital to cellular repair, muscles, heart, circulation, hormones.

Take Vital Factors just five days a week and see the jaw-dropping results! You’ll be amazed at the energy, how healthy you feel, your performance at work...and during those romantic nights! Vital Factors is in such demand, even Hollywood celebrities who defy aging have discovered this life-changing supplement and are reporting amazing results, and so will you!


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